intergator case study – Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk


The German Youth Hostel Association unites 14 federal associations and 318 local and district unions with more than 2 million members. 554 youth hostels with different profiles can be found under its roof.

The Task

This diversity is reflected within structure of data: 25.000 documents, often polyglot, distributed on several webpages and databases contain an enormous amount of information for potential guests and employees.

Mirko Kaffka, project leader interface:projects explains, “One of the central aspects of the decision of DJH for intergator Enterprise Search was to make these widely spread information available to all internet-users in a comfortable and efficient way.”

The Solution

This usability is reached by a combination of techniques, f. e. a search request that accepts different writings, joined with a thesaurus in background, which can be enlarged by DJH.

Search results can be organized efficiently by several filters.

Looking for “Dresden”, for example, you will be shown local youth hostels as well as results from other categories like offers for school trips or youth exchange programs.

The results are shown in groups and can be filtered by appropriate links.

Employees of the DJH are informed about researches of visitors on the webpage by automatically generated reports, which enable early recognition of developments and customers’ desires.

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

DJH_LogoLeonardo-da-Vinci-Weg 1
32760 Detmold
Tel.: + 49 5231 7401-220

The Challenge

  • 1 association and 14 foundations with individual, external internet-presentations
  • 554 youth hostels with different profiles
  • Stand-alone databases with information about hostels, offers for school trips, travel service, events, press archives, job offers etc.
  • Around 12.000 webpages and 13.500 data records
  • Polyglot

intergator solution

  • Indexing all internal and external HTML-, PDF- and Word-Documents as well as databases
  • Implementation of combined searching in full texts as well as metadata throughout the whole index
  • Specifics:
    • Crawling all websites of all 14 foundations
    • Ranking of results according to customers’ needs
    • Automatic reports of statistics

The complete case study of Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk can be downloaded here as PDF [218 KB].