intergator Case Study – Bitburger Braugruppe

“A search engine for everyone”: using a single search engine for Intranet, Extranet and web portals in the Bitburger Brewery Group.


Customer opinion

“The performance, flexibility and scalability in terms of additional data sources lead to a very high level of acceptance within the company. With intergator we have realized two strategic issues: firstly, the Intranet search and other Internet search for more than eight portals of the Bitburger Brewery Group. Studies have shown that the searches have increased significantly after the introduction of the technology. We are pleased to use Enterprise Search intergator in the future also for other IT solutions for the Bitburger Brewery Group “.

Uwe Siller | Head of IT & ORG | Bitburger Braugruppe


The Bitburger Brewer Group GmbH, with the brands Bitburger, König Pilsener, Köstritzer, Licher and Wernesgrüner, is a family business in its seventh generation. With approximately 1,800 employees, it is one of the leading brewing groups in Germany. The company’s success is based on high gastronomy skills, strong trade partnerships and growing exports to the whole world.


The Task

The original idea of the project was finding a new solution to integrate the existing archive in the Bitburger Brewery Group efficiently and in addition to search data outside the archive software. The project team however noted quickly that an independent and comprehensive search engine will be the efficient way.

Best Practice: “A search engine for everyone” – using a single search engine for Intranet, Extranet and web portals in the Bitburger Brewery Group.


The Solution

The new search solution to the Bitburger Brewery Group is based on the Enterprise Search Software intergator from the company interface projects GmbH in Dresden. After the start of the project in late summer 2013, selected employees benefited in October already from the new search engine. In April 2014, the new search solution went online and since then significantly facilitates the data search in the office everyday. The introduction of the search was accompanied by a webinar, which has been mandatory for all office based employees.

A special feature: the new search engine will look not only for keywords in filenames or subject lines of e-mails, it also serves as a full-text search and so will search text fragments in documents and e-mails, no matter where they are, whether in the archive, on file servers or on project and team sites in SharePoint.

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The complete case study of Bitburger Braugruppe can be downloaded here as PDF [235 KB].