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intergator for an efficient information management and highest data security at IMD Berlin-Potsdam


[box title=”Customer opinion“]

“Information, including medical data, has become indispensable nowadays. intergator is an efficient instrument for obtaining this information. It has become a daily tool.”

Jürgen Reiner | Managing Director[/box]

Short introduction of IMD

The Institute for Medical Diagnostics Berlin-Potsdam (IMD Berlin-Potsdam) was founded as a merger of four laboratory practices and their associated laboratory communities in 1994. Today, the scope of analytical services comprises more than 3.000 different parameters from the entire spectrum of laboratory medicine. Physicians, scientists and more than 350 medical and technical assistants as well as other employees belong to the team of IMD Berlin-Potsdam. IMD has earned an excellent reputation, especially in the areas of allergy diagnostics, drug efficacy and drug analysis.

The Challenge

A laboratory medical company combines all factors which require efficient information management: Many employees, comprehensive internal documentation and a restrictive environment. In addition, due to the ongoing growth of the company the need for a system-wide information management steadily increased. Of key importance was the facilitation of resource-conserving research in existing documentation and databases as well as in the personal emails of the respective users. Furthermore, the search in the in-house digital quality management manual  was of particular importance. Here, it is essential to have quick access to documented content in order to allow for its inclusion in the daily routine.

The Solution

Following initial discussions with management and IT, intergator presented its capabilities during an iterative test process where it was necessary to demonstrate promised functionalities and performance indicators. After successfully completing the test and obtaining corresponding feedback, the productive implementation of the intergator cross-file and system-wide search and Knowledge Management solution followed. Since then intergator has become an indispensable tool for the search of information, particularly for executive management. Research times have reduced significantly and the internal information management has been optimized on a sustainable basis.

interface projects GmbH specializes in the development of information management solutions. intergator is an intelligent cross-system search solution with an easy-to-use and highly functional search interface. Time-consuming searching in different data sources is no longer required as intergator provides one single source of access to all data in an enterprise. intergator acts in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and is based on existing authorization concepts.


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[box title=”IMD Berlin – Potsdam“]

IMD Berlin-Potsdam Logo

Nicolaistraße 22
12247 Berlin-Steglitz
Telephone: +49 30 77001-322
E-Mail: info@imd-berlin.de


[box title=”Challenges“]

  • Often arbitrarily filed documentation
  • The need for central and organized access to QM documentation
  • Rapidly growing number of employees
  • Various locations
  • Various contiguous projects
  • High demands on safety aspects (permissions and role concepts)


[box title=”intergator Solution“]

  • Intuitive search interface for rapid user orientation
  • Facets for narrowing of search results based on individual parameters (e.g. location)
  • Navigator for visually supported search in the data pool
  • Preview function (Documentation Reader) for fast and comfortable viewing of found search hits



The complete case study of IMD Berlin-Potsdam can be downloaded here as PDF [232 KB].