intergator Case Study Provinzial NordWest Group

Corporate-wide search and connectors for a comprehensive insurance information hub at Provinzial NordWest


Customer opinion

“The functional range offered by intergator is seen as a significant progress  and is much better than the anticipated ‘Google Search’. There is much more functionality offered by intergator. “

Markus Bradtke | Project Manager Information Portal

Brief introduction of Provinzial NordWest Group

The Provinzial NordWest Group is part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and is the second largest public insurance group in Germany. Its parent company Provinzial NordWest Holding AG is based in Münster. The holding company comprises legally independent regional property and casualty insurances as well as a life insurer. These are:

  • The Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung AG in Münster
  • The Provinzial Nord Brandkasse AG in Kiel
  • The Hamburger Feuerkasse Versicherungs-AG in Hamburg
  • The Provinzial NordWest Lebensversicherung AG in Kiel

The Challenge

In order to satisfy the high information requirements of its external sales force and internal services as well as the associated savings banks and brokers, Provinzial NordWest Group decided to merge its intranet and various information databases into one platform. By means of this joint platform user groups are offered information on products and contacts as well as forms and brochures. The intranet is based on a Content Management System (CMS). However, since the contents of an eShop solution (forms, flyers, etc.) and from Lotus Notes (address data) were also to be made accessible through the platform, Provinzial NordWest decided to integrate a system-wide search into the new information portal.

The Solution

The company opted for intergator Enterprise Search because, among other reasons, the required connectors were already available or could be developed within a short time frame. Through connectors relevant contents of all data sources are indexed and offered to the user via a search interface in the CMS. Of course, a user’s individual access rights also apply to the corporate-wide search. In order to realize this the user logs once into the intranet via single sign-on (SSO). The CMS then transmits user information to intergator. By mapping the user data, intergator performs an authentication in Lotus Notes or the eShop solution. Thus it is ensured the user only receives the search results for which he/she is authorized in the respective data sources.  The integration of further data sources is intended in the future.

interface:projects has specialized in the development of information management solutions. With its product intergator a corporate-wide cross-system search is made available, providing a convenient and functional search interface. Time-consuming searches through different data sources are no longer necessary with an Enterprise Search solution like intergator. intergator acts in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and is based on existing authorization concepts.

Provinzial NordWest Group

Insurer provinzial nordwest versicherungen

Provinzial-Allee 1
48159 Münster
Telephone:  +49 251 219-0


  • Quick search in various source systems (CMS, Lotus Notes, …)
  • User registration for intergator intergator by logging onto the CMS
  • Users registration in various other source systems
  • Different authorizations for CMS documents
  • Indexing of Lotus Notes

intergator Solution

  • Product specific connectors for the indexing of all relevant data sources, in particular Lotus Notes
  • User mapping for logging users to source systems with different logon procedures
  • Provision of search results via JSON API for processing in the CMS
  • Special indexing of documents for the detection and implementation of multiple authorizations within a document

The complete case study of Provinzial NordWest can be downloaded here as PDF [277 KB].