public administration

As a solution for various e-government projects, intergator is already in use today in numerous public authorities and administrations. Whether as a central and comprehensive search, as a website search for municipal portals or as a research tool in complex data structures – the intergator convinces with its easy integration and a wide range of functions.

Reasons for intergator in public administration

intergator is an enterprise search developed and programmed exclusively in Germany. With more than 25 years of project experience in different industries. Our company-wide search is characterized by a robust but also flexible programming, which can be connected to most systems without much effort due to a very well documented API. Based on Java, intergator can be operated on-premise, on tailored hardware on your own systems or as a software-as-a-service.

With more than 100 connectors, mostly free of charges, we index the most common IT systems and provide these data on a central web interface. Information from systems such as SharePoint, Confluence, Jira, Exchange, Office365, Lotus Notes but also conventional office formats or complex database systems are processed and prepared by our enterprise search.

Use Case: Machine Learning and Cognitive Search

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office uses intergator together with its cognitive services for autonomous and automated cataloguing and categorisation of filed patents. With approximately 67,000 patents filed in 2017, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office is facing a growing challenge to process them in a timely manner. Unlike trademark applications, the patent authorities are legally obliged to check whether the invention filed is a novelty, bears inventive spirit and has industrial applicability. Especially the novelty character is a special challenge, as no patent may be approved which already uses the existing technology. This circumstance confronts the examiner in his search with a huge number of patents to be examined.

  • connectors to pull data from file servers, databases, etc.
  • OCR text recognition
  • a central search entry
  • some machine learning methods to “understand” the content instead of just finding it
  • context analysis
  • a paragraph search
  • a browse function

With 15 years of experience in search engines and knowledge management, interface projects has extensive know-how on how to handle and combine large amounts of data and how to extract valuable information from them.

Use Case: Web Search

For the city of Dresden and the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, intergator is used as an extensive web search that provides information from various sources on the central website. As part of an e-government strategy, all relevant announcements are to be communicated more quickly and made easier to find.

The special requirements of the Landtag Baden-Württemberg lay in the fact that new information can be published promptly and the search results for users can be restricted according to certain categories (printed matter, initiatives, protocols and website). Using a specially developed connector, data from the in-house Jahia CMS is indexed and weighted differently in the results list.

The state capital Dresden relies on IBM Lotus Notes for data maintenance and was faced with the challenge to implement a user-friendly cross-system search. intergator proved to be the ideal solution to connect different systems and to offer citizen information on the official website.

Use Case: Intranet and Compliance

Numerous authorities use intergator as an intranet and as a central research entry point for files or internal data. With a multi-level authorization concept, it can be ensured that information is only ever made available to authorized employees, especially for sensitive documents. Although the intergator indexes all connected data sources, individual authorization levels on system or data level regulate the later delivery in the search hits of the search.


Berlin House of Representatives
Börde county
City of Chemnitz
City of Herne
Dresden - State Capital
Erfurt - State Capital
Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs
Federal State Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt
Free State of Thuringia
German Patent and Trade Mark Office
Health Promotion Switzerland
Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen
LZK Saxony
National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority
Naval Command of the German Federal Armed Forces
Niedersachsen State Police
Notarial Association of Saxony
Notary's office Becker
Planning Office of the Bundeswehr
State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg