A modern search concept with intergator

Company-wide search concepts are becoming increasingly important in many industries and companies. Whether Data-Driven Learning, Big-Data Analysis or an intelligent linking of multiple data sources – knowing where, in what form and in what quantity information is located in a company has become one of the most important competitive advantages. Especially IT companies pursue modern strategies how to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data. intergator is a central interface to provide relevant information and to provide users with essential content quickly and reliably.

Technologies and approaches

The core of intergator is based on Java and can be adapted to the various requirements through modular programming. A well documented API allows an easy adaptation and extension of the intergator. With more than 100 (mostly) free connectors, a wide variety of systems commonly used in industry can be integrated. No matter if ERP systems like SAP, databases like SQL, MySQL or MariaDB, cloud solutions like Office 365 or complex CRM systems like Typo3 – intergator can be connected and information can be transferred into the search index. Successfully used in hundreds of projects, the technological approach of our Enterprise Search has proven itself in many companies.

Numerous IT companies rely on intergator and use the company search for internal projects, as OEM for customer projects or as web search. What they have in common is the approach of offering different data sources in a single point of information access. The data is indexed cyclically and enriched with additional information. In addition to metadata, the entire content, the location, the file type or the date are recorded. This results in numerous filter options, which are integrated in intergator as standard or can often be extended with little effort. The core concept of the search is the possibility to limit the quantity of different results quickly and specifically via facets in order to reach relevant hits even faster.

Use Case: intergator as Google Search Appliance replacement

Many companies rely on the Google Search Appliance (GSA) for internal company searches. After Google’s withdrawal from this IT segment, the companies concerned began to look for inexpensive and sustainable alternatives. intergator offers a software product in this area that is not only faster but also more cost-efficient to adapt to the infrastructure. Many of the more than 100 connectors are included in the package as standard and can often be used free of charge.

IT companies in particular have a large number of different systems at their disposal and often have high demands on the scope of functions and the operation of central systems. But even more important in this industry are the possibilities to extend software or to maintain it independently. Here intergator scores with a well documented API and a consistent system architecture. The replacement of the Google Search Appliance in favor of intergator can therefore take place quickly and efficiently and offers numerous advantages.

Use Case: intergator as an integrated solution for customer service

To simplify customer service, many IT companies rely on a central search platform that provides employees with answers to service queries from various sources of information. Whether data from CRM or ERP systems, service and product databases or knowledge systems such as FAQs or knowledge bases – the intergator unites all sources in a clear and central platform. Using facets and predefined areas (e.g. e-mails, CRM, product databases), search results can be narrowed down quickly and purposefully. This saves the customer service from time-consuming searches and ultimately reduces processing times and costs.

Use Case: A comprehensive project search with intergator

Although there are very powerful software products that can schedule and control projects and are also closely linked to Office solutions, these often lack a central view of the related data. intergator offers the possibility to make all data available on a central website via a configurable dashboard. This gives project staff a quicker overview of the status, new or changed documents or the progress of the project.


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