intergator – A proven search for the industry

Numerous companies from different industries trust in intergator as their Enterprise Search. The spectrum ranges from classic mechanical engineering to the chemical industry to global corporations with widely branched product portfolios.

Ready for the challenges of industry 4.0

The digitalisation of complete production processes, the networking and monitoring of machinery or the sustainable establishment of knowledge management pose major challenges for many industrial companies. Not only do different data have to be linked with each other, but they also have to be brought into an understandable relationship in order to extract relevant information from the amount of data and, in turn, to develop knowledge from it. The targeted preparation of data for different needs and the associated access to it also require intelligent systems and modern technologies.

intergator offers a central platform for all company data and is more than just a business intelligence solution. The linchpin is a company-wide search, which brings all data together at a single point of information access and presents it clearly. With over 100 connectors, mostly free of charge, intergator indexes data from databases, ERP, CAD, CRM or DMS systems and makes them available on an individually configurable website. Based on centrally maintained authorization systems (e.g. an Active Directory), users only have access to approved information.

Modern methods of machine learning allow a new view of the data. Contents are evaluated autonomously and with previously trained models and categorized and catalogued automatically. Especially with company-specific content or industry-typical terms, the intergator with its underlying artificial intelligence recognizes the meaning of information and classifies it purposefully. Various cognitive services for text and image recognition can thus be used meaningfully to provide information quickly and automatically.

Use Case: Knowledge Management and ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 requires the establishment of a knowledge management system for the sustainable preservation and maintenance of relevant information in order to ensure continuous production and quality and to be able to train every employee in line with requirements.

intergator has numerous possibilities to implement the requirements of a central knowledge management fast and targeted. Unlike individual solutions that require a lot of maintenance, our Enterprise Search focuses on a comprehensive search that consolidates all data. The maintenance of information can take place at different storage locations or systems and therefore does not require any time-consuming restructuring or familiarisation with new and completed systems.

An integrated information management system allows the administration of relevant information within the intergator. This allows data to be stored and maintained independently of file servers or databases.

Individually customizable dashboards with a wide range of pre-configurable applets bring relevant information to the user. Depending on authorization and individual needs, employees can be provided with the necessary documents and data quickly and efficiently.

Use Case: Project Management and Expert Search

Process or project engineers often require extensive information from different data sources – customer information from CRM, CAD drawings, product information from ERP or e-mails from other parties. intergator makes this information available on an individually configurable dashboard and thus offers an efficient all-round view of the project. All information is available to the employee at any time on a central website.

The success of projects often depends on finding the right contact person at the right time. Particularly in larger organizations with scattered business units or numerous employees, experts and specialists are often difficult to identify. The intergator offers an expert search, which can be filled and released by the user independently and thus DSGVO-compliant. In the comprehensive search, skills can quickly be queried or linked to a specific file type.

Use Case: Industrie 4.0 and Cognitive Services

intergator Cognitive Services are a variety of methods of machine learning to process texts or images autonomously and automatically. Integrated into the intergator as Cognitive Search, complex and unstructured data can be processed and new information gained. Foreign-language texts, for example, do not have to be translated in order to be found or processed in the search. Machine learning methods make it possible to capture and integrate content independently.

Even the rapidly growing database of measurement data, machine information or process analyses is easier to manage with the intergator and creates new insights into ongoing projects.

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