A secure search with INTERGATOR

The search in sensitive data and larger amounts of data is a challenge for an enterprise search. Unlike other industries, banks and insurance companies have stricter security regulations and work more extensively with personal data. The daily flow of information and the amount of data to be handled are also much larger in comparison and require intelligent solutions in order to be able to react quickly and comprehensively. For years now, various banks and insurance service providers have relied on INTERGATOR as a company-wide search tool. Here we work together in trust and respect highest discretion.

Reasons for INTERGATOR with banks and insurance companies

Banks and insurance companies work with a multitude of different data from different sources that are constantly changing. Whether changes in the portfolio, stock market values or exchange rates at banks, claims reports, statistical data or forecasts for insurance companies – data are fed from various systems and require an all-embracing perspective. Here, INTERGATOR acts as a central platform that unites all information and makes it clearly available. More than 100 connectors, mostly free of charge, connect databases, e-mails or documents and via a comprehensive indexing of the data contents, these can be retrieved via a search.

Security and Compliance

INTERGATOR has a three-level authorization concept based on ACL (Access Control List), in which authorizations, whether a document or data may be retrieved or changed, are checked prior to delivery. These authorizations often come from an external user administration within the IT system landscape, an application or a document itself. At no time can data be used for which there is no authorization. Compliance with complex compliance requirements is the cornerstone of a secure and central search, especially for sensitive data such as individual insurance or bank information.

INTERGATOR can be operated on-premise on your own hardware or on specially equipped systems. Your data never leaves your own IT structure and remains secure in the company.

Use Case: Machine Learning and Cognitive Search

Methods of machine learning and the autonomous processing of larger databases on the basis of artificial intelligence are being pursued with growing interest by banks and insurance companies under the catchword “Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”. Insurance companies, for example, are faced with the challenge of categorizing the constantly growing flood of incoming damage reports according to their receipt and assigning them to the responsible processor. The latter certainly works usefully via filtering, but the bigger problem is in recognizing what the content is about. In addition, there are ambiguous terms, which only arise from the context of meaning and which so far only one person could correctly classify. INTERGATOR Cognitive Services as a solution based on machine learning closes this gap and offers for the first time a possibility to artificially open up these connections by means of pre-trained systems. Incoming information is reliably evaluated and assigned to the appropriate channel independent of language. Employees are relieved of tedious routine tasks and the internal workflow is simplified.

Use Case: The 360° view of all company data

With a large amount of data scattered across a complex IT landscape, it becomes more difficult to have an all-embracing view of the company. INTERGATOR solves this problem with a well-documented API and over 100 connectors, mostly free of charge, for the software systems commonly used in the industry. Whether CRM programs like Salesforce, ERP systems like SAP or Office products (on-premise or in the cloud) – INTERGATOR is flexibly adaptable and indexes data quickly and reliably.

Via individually configurable dashboards, users can react to their own information needs and, for example, integrate recurring search queries into their own applets and widgets in a cyclically updated manner. As soon as the data is changed, the information is reloaded. In this way, the user always stays up to date and does not miss any information.

Use Case: Improved web search from different data sources

To increase user-friendliness, many banks and insurance companies rely on a website with INTERGATOR as their search solution. Especially companies with grown or widely branched web presences on different portals face the challenges of a comprehensive search. Although web searches are now standard for every search, they are limited to the respective system or server. A search outside the own environment rarely works. INTERGATOR closes this gap reliably and offers beyond that still further functions. Using facets, search results can be narrowed down quickly and individually, e.g. by date, subject area or topic. This allows website visitors to find the desired information more quickly and the user-friendliness is demonstrably increased.


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