intergator being used in public administration

As a solution for various e-government projects, intergator is already in use today in numerous public authorities and administrations. Whether as a central and comprehensive search, as a website search for municipal portals or as a research tool in complex data structures – intergator convinces with its simple integrability and a wide range of features.

intergator – A proven search for the industry

Numerous companies from various industries trust intergator as their enterprise search solution. The spectrum ranges from traditional mechanical engineering and the chemical industry to global corporations with widely branched product portfolios. The digitization of complete production processes, the networking and monitoring of machinery or the sustainable establishment of knowledge management pose major challenges for many industrial companies. intergator offers a central platform for all corporate data and is more than just a business intelligence solution.

A secure search with intergator

The search in sensitive data and larger amounts of data is a challenge for an enterprise search. Unlike other industries, banks and insurance companies have stricter security regulations and work more extensively with personal data. The daily flow of information and the amount of data to be handled are also much larger in comparison and require intelligent solutions in order to be able to react quickly and comprehensively. For years now, various banks and insurance service providers have relied on intergator as a company-wide search tool. Trust and the respect for highest discretion are key factors for intergator.

A modern search concept with intergator

Company-wide search concepts are becoming increasingly important in many industries and companies. Whether data-driven learning, big-data analysis or an intelligent linking of multiple data sources – knowing where, in what form and in what quantity information is located in a company has become one of the most important competitive advantages. Especially IT companies follow modern strategies to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data. intergator is a central interface to provide relevant information and to provide users with essential content quickly and reliably.

intergator – the central search in science and research

Modern research institutions increasingly rely on a central search in the data stocks of their organisations or in external information sources. The core of all scientific work is the referencing to other research, the comparison with previous results and the acquisition of new knowledge. Hardly any other industry needs more valid data, more exact information and draws on a broader pool of information than the scientific community. intergator can act as an interface and central point of contact and quickly make all relevant data available.