6 benefits of Knowledge Management

IT driven KM with intergator

Many benefits of Knowledge Management can be achieved with an IT-driven solution like intergator. These are some of the key aspects where intergator can support the organization’s KM:

Find relevant information and data much faster

intergator Enterprise Search

intergator allows users to quickly, safely and comfortably access the internal information assets of an organization to effectively support the provision of information. Find what you need, when you need it, how you need it and for whom you need it.

Get rid of duplicates

intergator improves data quality and allows users to avoid repeated efforts by detecting duplicate files in the system.

Avoid making same mistakes

intergator helps you to assign tags to your files. Automatic keyword extraction allows to consider individual tags in search facets.

Your information, your way

The intergator dashboard can be easily customized by adding, removing, moving or configuring apps as per your preference. All the information you want is displayed in a single window. The Social Dashboard is an individual unique tailor-made interface capturing all sources of needed information. The ability to share of search results related to special topics collected by experts advances the productivity of the organization.

Faster decision making

intergator gives access to company wide information to the top management, thus enabling them to make faster decisions which are grounded on solid information.

Secure your information

intergator filters the search results based on the permissions that are associated with the content in the data sources (such as file permissions in the file system). In addition, the display of results may be limited by Index authorization, Data sources authorization and Filtering during indexing. See more on compliance issues here.


Author:  Anil Lohia of intergator MEA