08/12/2016 | Deep Learning – the master key for document analyses? (Part 2)

Application scenarios for semantic functions All of these wonderful new possibilities which Deep Learning opens up for us must be seamlessly integrated into easy-to-use applications. The different application scenarios therefore require different semantic functions: Discovery & Monitoring In order to avoid having to carry out the same activities in the course of ongoing searches, it[…]

29/11/2016 | Deep Learning – the master key for document analyses? (Part 1)

Business decisions based on complex data analyses: Challenges & opportunities The steadily advancing digitization of business processes – from personnel administration, product management and production to customer support – allows for complex decision-making processes to become more sustainable on the basis of comprehensive data. However, this presupposes that the relevant data is available at decision-making[…]

15/01/2016 | Tagging, Commenting & Bookmarking for a Social Search

Living in times of web 2.0 it has become obvious that solutions are very powerful when contents can be qualified by users themselves. Basic techniques are social bookmarking and tagging. In connection with the improvement of search solutions we talk about social search. An example for the value of Social Search When searching for the[…]