intergator to be showcased at Annual ANKABUT Users’ Meeting | Abu Dhabi

The intergator sales and solutions partner for the Middle East and Africa, ACIS IT, is Gold Sponsor of the Annual ANKABUT Users’ Meeting in Abu Dhabi on Nov 22, 2017. As an initiative of Khalifa University, ANKABUT conducts annual meetings for its users under different slogans related to the field of Education Technology.  This year’s slogan is “We Edu – Cloud“. With the participation of intergator MEA at the 2017 ANKABUT Meeting, visitors are presented will the opportunity to learn of intergator as holistic smart information access platform to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Furthermore, the CEO of ACIS IT and Head of intergator MEA, Mr. Nabil Azar, will speak on use cases of machine learning with intergator at the AI panel. 

ACIS for intergator MEA at Annual ANKABUT Users' Meeting in Abu Dhabi on 22 Nov, 2017