interface projects GmbH

interface projects GmbH is one of the leading German providers of enterprise search and knowledge management solutions. With intergator we offer a modern company search, which makes information accessible in companies and public organizations of any size. Content from different sources is aggregated and analyzed across applications and systems.

With over 25 years on the market, interface projects has many years of experience in the implementation of complex IT projects and is a recognized partner in the development of comprehensive solutions and concepts.


intergator is a search engine based on automatic learning processes that aggregates data across systems and prepares it at a single point of access. Due to a modular system architecture and various integrated tools, intergator can easily be customized and configured for different deployment scenarios. The central element is an all-encompassing search (enterprise search), which can be used for knowledge management, intranet or other special solutions. The focus is on individual information requirements, which are quickly and reliably limited and covered by facets and filters.

Unlike a full text search, intergator offers the possibility to easily and efficiently break down search hits to the most important results. In its standard configuration, Enterprise Search comes with a large number of free connectors that connect different data sources to the company search. Automatic keywording, recognition of proper names and connections between data and information allow a more complete view of the data of a company or organization.

Already today intergator uses methods of machine learning and searches in unstructured and structured information with the help of artificial intelligence. Data is no longer only semantically related, but understood in its entirety, thus extending the range of relevant hits to a cognitive search. With the intergator Cognitive Services, interface projects GmbH offers machine learning Services for integration into own projects.

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Foundation: 1993, Dresden
Installations: 220 direct installations
300 OEM customers
CEO:Dr. Uwe Crenze
Eduard Daoud
Headquarters:interface projects GmbH
Zwinglistraße 11/13
01277 Dresden