A review of the intergator Search Days 2018

intergator Search Days 2018

The Search Days 2018 are behind us and the Search Days 2019 are already around the corner. After two eventful days with great presentations and workshops we thank all participants for a lot of positive feedback, interesting discussions and of course for the successful anniversary. 15 years of intergator and 25 years of interface business stand for modern and efficient solutions, which have been developed further and further through creativity and attention to detail and have been formed into a convincing product.

Start in Westin Bellevue
The Search Days started at the Hotel Westin Bellevue in the heart of Dresden. After a short welcome by Managing Director Eduard Daoud, Managing Director Dr. Uwe Crenze gave a review of 15 years of intergator – an emotional moment for all who were involved in the development of the product or have successfully used intergator for years. Some anecdotes from earlier projects made us smile and you could feel the pride which way the intergator took from his beginnings until today.

This year we were able to win BAYERNOIL Raffinieriegesellschaft mbH, Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, GOM GmbH and Fraunhofer IPT as guest speakers. In exciting lectures focusing on “Implementing intergator in your own company”, the speakers gave valuable hints for successful project implementation. Interested parties involved in the introduction of the intergator received practical hands-on demonstrations, but also long-standing users gained new insights into how the intergator can be used and adapted individually. The contribution of GOM GmbH caused astonishment when the speaker Robin Peters demonstrated live how the output of the intergator can be individually adapted with just a few lines of code. We otherwise offer such training courses in our Academy events.

In the concluding presentation by Dr. Uwe Crenze we gave an outlook on the future of the intergator and how strongly the modern approaches of machine learning will influence our product in the next versions. Here we are already working intensively on solutions to make the intergator fit for new challenges and search more intuitive and even more targeted through learning systems.

intergator Search Bees
In recognition and thanks for 15 years of intergator, the employees of interface projects GmbH had organized a bee sponsorship for their two managing directors. As part of a crowdfarming campaign, we are financing a beehive with 20,000 bees on an orange plantation just outside Valencia, Spain. In return, Eduard Daoud and Dr. Uwe Crenze not only receive the certainty of this sponsorship to support a sustainable project and prevent bee deaths, but also four kilos of pure honey from their “intergator Search Bees”.

Festive ambience at Albrechtsberg Castle
After the conference in Bellevue, the interface group of companies invited to the joint summer party at Schloss Albrechtsberg. Dr. Hellfried Lohse and Dr. Uwe Crenze welcomed their guests in a unique atmosphere on the picturesque slopes high above the Elbe and with the best bets, thus giving the starting signal for a successful evening event. Both reviewed 25 years of interface together and gave one or two bon mot from the exciting founding years to the best. Best entertained by the Dresden noble caterer Bellan, who was able to convince with selected and exquisite compositions, many were astonished by the splendour of the interior of Albrechtsberg Castle – a historical pearl on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden. The duo “Oh alter Knaben Herrlichkeit”, who performed their own virtuoso compositions and entertaining songs by Ringelnatz to an enthusiastic audience, provided the best entertainment.

The final highlight of the evening was a festive fireworks display in the courtyard of Albrechtsberg Castle. Accompanied by classical music, everyone marveled at the works of art in the dawning sky. The cake, which was a must for an anniversary, sweetened the visitors’ way home and some of them celebrated until late into the night at summer temperatures.

Open doors
The second day of the intergator Search Days took place in our premises on Zwinglistraße and in line with our own “open door culture” philosophy we invited all participants to workshops and lectures. In addition to Academy training, the Digital Workplace and insights into Machine Learning, which was received with great interest and a lot of response, were the focal points of the presentations. Our developers demonstrated how efficiently sophisticated models will change the way intergator is used. These components give the intergator the ability to learn and understand large amounts of data.

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