Interview of intergator management in leading Knowledge Management magazine

“Knowledge Management – Where is the journey leading to?” is title topic of the current issue of “wissensmanagement” (issue 08/2016), one of Germany’s leading knowledge management magazines. In an exclusive interview the managament of interface projects GmbH, Dr. Uwe Crenze and Mr. Eduard Daoud, adress key issues for a strategic knowledge management approach for enterprises in times in which change is the norm. See here for the full interview.

Knowledge Management – Where is the journey leading to?

We live in a time where change is the norm Interview with Dr. Uwe Crenze and Eduard Daoud, the experts on knowledge management of interface:projects, in Germany’s knowledge management magazine “wissensmanagement” Nothing remains as it is. This currently applies in particular to the handling of intangible assets and the realization of Knowledge Management projects. But how do companies approach this issue? Which aspects are decisive for success? It is above

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