intergator Starter Package

The corona crisis is currently hitting the world with full force and is bringing many companies to the edge of their performance and capacity. Many are setting up home offices for employees and quickly face unforeseeable problems. Missing hardware, too few accesses to the company or slow lines slow down the work drastically. Countless inquiries about where information is located aggravate the situation. Even the usual call over the office corridor, where delivery notes, Excel tables or invoices are located or who is the contact person for a certain problem, is dropped by the isolation of the home office. The intergator Starter Package can solve these challenges efficiently.

We would like to support companies in coping with this international crisis and offer a license-free intergator Starter Package for a period of 100 days to keep the flow of information going as quickly as possible. Take advantage of the full benefits of our intergator Enterprise Search without any obligation and accelerate your processes through more efficient searches.

intergator vs. file server search

intergator is a modern company search that bundles all information at a single point of information and makes it searchable. In contrast to a web search, the intergator Enterprise Search indexes all company data from various internal data sources such as e-mails, databases, CRM or ERP systems and makes them available in a clear and searchable manner. Use intergator for research, as a knowledge management solution or intranet.

The intergator Starter Package consists of:

  • connection to file server(s)
  • 100 days free license*
  • installation and setup intergator search
  • administrative online instruction
  • user video and digital handout materials

* intergator license model is based on the number of indexed data objects and is NOT a user-based license

Optional webinars

In short and free webinars, we explain the rudimentary functionality and a shortened setup to quickly establish workability. Simply register below at any time and we will create an account for you immediately.

Webinar dates – intergator Starter Kit

01.04.2020 | 09:00 – 10:00 CEST
02.04.2020 | 09:00 – 10:00 CEST
03.04.2020 | 09:00 – 10:00 CEST

Webinar – intergator Starter Kit

Dates: 01.04.2020 | 02.04.2020 | 03.04.2020
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Please note that this offer is only available to companies and not to individuals.


How would you like to use intergator? (multiple answers possible)

Virtual environmentDedicated hardwareAt the data center of your choice

Server OS

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How is the primary login/user management done? Active Directory

How much data and documents should be integrated?

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