11th Knowledge Managment Days

The Knowledge Management Magazine hosts the "11th Knowledge Management Days" - this years slogan: "knowledge connects". Well-recognized speakers and many visitors will meet and discuss present topics surrounding applied knowledge management. The international conference will be held from the 10th to the 11th of November 2015 in Stuttgart.

>>> You can be excited by the interesting practical examples! <<<

intergator 5 focus areas

  • Enterprise Search - Next Generation
  • Content Analytics
  • Knowledge Capturing
  • Social Intranet


Weilerswist (Köln) | 2015-10-15 10:30

edoc focus Enterprise Search  [german]

intergator Event: Am 15. Oktober 2015 nehmen wir an der Themenveranstaltung unseres Partners edoc solutions ag teil. In Weilerswist... more



Informationsveranstaltung - Das digitale Archiv im Verlag  [german]

Beim Event unseres Partners der Prepress Systeme GmbH referiert das intergator:team über den praktischen Einsatz des PPS-Finder... more


2015-11-03 10:00

10 Use Cases for Enterprise Search - Business optimization

The webinar "10 Use Cases for Enterprise Search - Business optimization" shows 10 typical use cases how Enterprise Search... more

customer statements

Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

„We used the Search Appliance from inter:gator within global eCollaboration-solutions in commercial-critical areas of Kühne...” more

intergator Blog

Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

A lot of companies are now facing the challenge of replacing the Google Mini, because this product isn’t... more


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